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Groups Hannah2009 Created



    News, views, events, photos and discussions for anyone interested in art and creative activities in and around Bedminster.

    64 members


    Bedminster Transport

    Getting around Bedminster: news, views, photos and discussions for all local transport issues, however you travel - bus, bike, car, train, on foot

    17 members


    Community Noticeboard

    A place for those little bits and pieces, from missing pets to lost and found items.

    68 members


    Local Business

    News, views and information about businesses in the greater Bedminster area

    54 members


    Bedminster Faith Groups

    Faith-based news and views from in and around Bedminster

    10 members

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Groups Hannah2009 Joined

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    the things you see in bedmo

    some of the strange sights you see in Bedmo

    11 members

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    Ashton Gate Site

    A group to discuss issues relating to the development of the Ashton Gate stadium site.

    12 members

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    Get the latest sports news, community information and general goings on in Bedminster

    46 members

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    Southville Gardening Club

    Meets at St Pauls Church, Coronation Road 7.30 pm on the first Tuesday of every month. Interesting talks, presentations and tea and biscuits.

    12 members

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    Local Events

    Keep on top of what's happening in Bedminster! If you'd like to contribute your event, that would be great.

    98 members

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