Malago Greenway victory for common sense!

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By WindmillMan | Monday, October 19, 2009, 13:21

This is great news about the Malago Greenway being ruled out as a possible route for the BRT bendy bus scheme.

It amazed me that it was even considered, when you think about it. For a start, the road under the railway bridge is far too narrow for bendy buses to use it without causing serious problems.

Instead of a pleasant riverside walk, the Greenway would have effectively become a bus lane. There would have been a bus stop on Cotswold Road, the Malago would have been concreted over and the trees cut down.

The loss of habitat would have had a serious impact on all sorts of wildlife, from birds and bats to butterflies.  Bedminster has too few wildlife spaces to recklessly get rid of or reduce the ones that we do have, however small they are.

And of course the increased traffic would have clogged up the Hill, what with 16 buses an hour using the route and all the normal cars trying to use it as well.  It would have been traffic chaos!

Well done to everyone that wrote to Bristol City Council to tell them your concerns. It’s nice to see that we’ve been listened to and common sense has prevailed this time.



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    As far as I know the councils are still looking to commission a fleet of vehicles with the latest sustainable engines and fuel source (I favour the biogas solution as it is produced from food waste- after seeing a plant in Sweden powering a whole town's public transport) These will not be 'hand me down' bendy buses as being (crazily in my view) withdrawn from London. The aim is to get something close to a tram-like experience but with the flexibility to operate on both a guideway and on roads. The StreetCar that we brought to Bristol last year was a good example of the type of vehicles on offer and I would expect a wider range being offered by manufacturers by the time the councils begin procurement.

    Mark Bradshaw
    Labour Co-op Cllr Bedminster

    By bedminster06 at 13:06 on 21/10/09

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    This is definitely very good news about the Malago Greenway and really the only sensible decision for that particular route. It will be interesting to see now how wide the public consultation is for the two routes left. As far as the Bedminster part of the route goes, for reasons of space I would say that the East St/West Street route would be better than the Malago Rd/St John's Lane route, but either way, I imagine it's going to cause a few traffic headaches! What I don't understand is why the BRT is being pushed anyway - weren't they getting rid of bendy buses in other cities (eg London) because of the number of accidents they were involved in? It's difficult enough for cyclists and pedestrians in Bedminster as it is, and I wonder whether bendy buses will add to those difficulties? Is the health and safety aspect of these buses being considered at all (perhaps Mark will know this) or is it a given that we're going to have bendy buses and it's just a matter of deciding which routes they'll be using?

    By Mrs_W2009 at 22:18 on 19/10/09

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    I'm also pleased this option has been ruled out. However, the 2 remaining options, and any variants on these, are both challenging and difficult decisions will be needed by the Lib Dem cabinet running Bristol. Local councillors will try to stay updated on the more detailed work now needed.

    Cllr Mark Bradshaw

    By bedminster06 at 14:03 on 19/10/09

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