Diabetic leaves a trail of destruction on trip to chemist

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By The Bristol Post | Tuesday, September 18, 2012, 05:00

A LEARNER driver crashed into a car and then, as the owner of the other car tried to get her attention to swap insurance details, reversed into it a second time.

Bristol Crown Court heard that after the accident Kaneez Butt-Zeeshan then slammed into a parked car, ploughed into a moving van and then finally destroyed a bollard.

The 25-year-old was driving so badly after popping to the chemist alone that schoolchildren gathered to watch.

The diabetic had decided to illegally drive alone to the chemist to pick up medication because she had low blood sugar.

The non-English speaker was arrested and gave police a prepared statement in which she conceded she drove off in panic as her first victim got out of his car.

Butt-Zeeshan admitted making a series of wrong judgements and was truly sorry.

The mother-of-two, aged 25, of Lynton Road, Bedminster, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving without a licence or insurance.

Robert Reid, prosecuting, said it was 4.30pm when, just as parents were collecting youngsters from Victoria Park Junior School, Butt-Zeeshan was on Atlas Road heading to the chemist in her red Nissan Micra.

Mr Reid said: "Matters started off in Atlas Road when the defendant reversed into the front of a black Clio. The driver got out and indicated that he wanted to exchange details.

"She reversed a second time into the black Clio."

The court heard Butt-Zeeshan stopped at the side of the road, followed by the Clio, but she then reversed into a Seat car and continued to drive up Atlas Road.

Mr Reid said: "Witnesses said she was travelling excessively fast. She turned right down Raymend Road, to the junction with St John's Lane. That resulted in her car being embedded in the white van."

The court heard Butt-Zeeshan attempted to reverse away but was initially unsuccessful.

Having freed her car from the tangle she reversed back, flattening a bollard at the corner of the road.

Mr Reid said: "Her husband came and there was a confrontation between various parties.

"One witness reported the headmaster of the school being directed by police to usher children away from the scene."

In her prepared statement to police, the learner driver conceded her catalogue of errors and wrote: "I will not drive alone until I have the correct documents."

Butt-Zeeshan sobbed as Catherine Spedding, defending, said: "There was the first collision and she panicked. She was in a difficult state. She had gone to the chemist to collect her medication. Her blood sugar was low at the time."

Miss Spedding said her client took insulin as well as tablets for diabetes, which was picked up during her pregnancy five years ago.

Miss Spedding told the court: "She was having treatment. She went to the chemist for medication. She was driving on a provisional licence, taking driving lessons. She foolishly decided to leave home and drive the car."

Judge Michael Longman told her: "You simply shouldn't have been driving that car at all. You are an incompetent driver, you haven't got a full driving licence. The result is you were not insured to drive that car and you appear to have been in a hurry, for whatever reason."

He handed Butt-Zeeshan a 20-week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months. She was told to observe a 16-week tagged curfew in which she must stay at home from 8pm to 6am, banned from driving for 18 months and ordered to take an extended driving test. She was also told to pay £250 prosecution costs, instead of the brunt falling on public funds.



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    we all make mistakes in life and im sure that kaneez will learn from this yeah being on the road was wrong with out a full uk license but that didnt give the right for the guy in the clio to swear and be abusive but the evening post to mention that in the paper i think what the judge gave was right in that situation i think its wrong for the police to take one side when her husband got there and was grab by his neck by the guy in the clio police wasent bothered i think its an absolute shambles

    By deadline at 12:23 on 10/11/12

  • Profile image for arealbristol

    crock of **** alert 2

    If the husband came along and started kicking off why didn't he go to the chemist on his wife's behalf?

    Funny that he was close enough to get there quickly when his illegally driving wife crashed the car into 3 others.

    Witnesses said she was driving fast next to a school. What would have happened if she had knocked a child over?

    By arealbristol at 12:34 on 18/09/12

  • Profile image for dayofthedog

    What amazes me is how someone who cannot speak a single word of English even thought of getting in a car and driving through a highly populated area?

    It has nothing to do with her diabetes at all.

    Her 'prepared statement' should have read;

    "I am stupid, irresponsible and a public menace, in future I will learn to speak, read and write in the language of my adopted home before even considering undertaking a driving test".

    What value does this particular individual add to UK society?

    So far i'd imagine that the combined cost of whatever benefits she is in receipt of and the damage caused by her sheer stupidity is thousands of pounds.

    Whatever she has to pay in costs / damages will be deducted from her benefits, so in reality WE (the taxpayer) are paying.

    I might be wrong and she could be gainfully employed, paying into the higher tax bracket. Especially as I hear there is currently a huge for non driving, non English speaking diabetics at the present time.

    By dayofthedog at 12:11 on 18/09/12

  • Profile image for arealbristol

    Erm every diabetic knows that if you get a hypo all you have to do is eat some carbohydrate (sugar.)

    Sounds like a crock of **** to me. More like an uninsured, unlicensed driver had a crash tried to get away then crashed again and then got caught. Don't know why the husband was kicking off. His wife was in the wrong.

    Instructions for Butt-Zeeshan below:

    If you have diabetes, check your blood sugar level whenever you have symptoms of low blood sugar. If your blood sugar is low (70 mg/dL), you need to treat yourself right away.

    Eat something that has about 15 grams of carbohydrates. Examples are:

    3 glucose tablets

    A 1/2 cup (4 ounces) of fruit juice or regular, non-diet soda

    5 or 6 hard candies

    1 tablespoon sugar, plain or dissolved in water

    1 tablespoon honey or syrup

    Wait about 15 minutes before eating anything else. Be careful not to over-treat by eating too much. This can cause high blood sugar and weight gain.

    Check your blood sugar again.

    If you don't feel better in 15 minutes and your blood sugar is still low (less than 70 mg/dL), eat something that has 15 grams of carbohydrates again.

    You may need to eat a snack that has carbohydrates and protein if your blood sugar is in a safer range (over 70 mg/dL) and your next meal is more than an hour away.

    If these steps for raising your blood sugar do not work, call your doctor right away.

    By arealbristol at 09:22 on 18/09/12

  • Profile image for petebartlett

    What about her paying for the damage caused?

    By petebartlett at 09:08 on 18/09/12

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